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Recently the remote for our van stopped working. I called around to find someone to fix it, only to be told that they can't be fixed, they have to be replaced. To say I was shocked at the price of a new one is putting it mildly. I resigned myself to a life of manually unlocking the doors (which is very inconvenient with power doors in a van).

After doing it a few times, I decided there HAD to be "Somewhere" I could get a reasonably priced so I headed over to my favorite discount place -- eBay. This is where I discovered Stu's EZ Auto Remotes in PA. I was hesitant because $20 to fix my remote sounded too good to be true. I looked around his listings and eBay rating and was slightly reassured. I took a deep breath and pressed the "buy it now" button. I shipped my remote via priority mail, insured, and signature confirmation (about an additional $7).

I have one word to say about the service I received WOW! Within a week, I had the remote back in my hot little hands and it worked! It's been two months and the remote is still working. I have no idea how they fixed it (and don't really care how) but they FIXED it for under $30 (including shipping). The lowest quote I had for a replacement was $180 plus $30 for programming.

You can reach Stu's EZ Auto Remotes by visiting their eBay site or by calling 215-295-7695.


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