I created TheVirtualToolbox.com as a resource especially for Virtual Professionals -- of course almost anyone in business will find helpful tools here. All of the products, services, and resources are recommended by Virtual Professionals.

This blog by nature is a continual work in progress — information and categories will be freely added as new tools are discovered. If you are looking for a product or service that's not posted yet, please don't hesitate to e-mail me and I'll try to find a qualified recommendation (a recommendation from someone I trust who is using the product and is happy with it).

If you see a product or service you are interested in purchasing, please be sure to use the link provided. My goal is to keep all of the Virtual Support Services I offer free and open to everyone. So, I've signed up for affiliate programs (when available) in order to offset some of the operating and maintenance costs.

Note: If I think a company is good, I'll include it even if they don't offer and affiliate program. Likewise, I won't recommend someone just because they have an affiliate program.

I welcome your questions and comments, please don't ever hesitate to email me with them.

All the best,