Fun and Interesting Sites

Shhh PostSecret  is an ongoing project where individuals put their secrets on a postcard and  anonymously mail them. The postcards are scanned and added to a public blog. Read the entire Post Secret Story

StumbleUpon is an interesting way to discover great websites.
Their site says it better than I can..."Using search engines to locate relevant content typically means hunting through pages of results. Rather than searching for quality web sites, StumbleUpon members are taken directly to web sites matching their personal interests and preferences."

So mail your postcard and then go "stumbling."

Important note: these sites can be addicting and time passes very fast when you're cruising around them.

Mental Floss is great fun for information junkies who don’t want to read another textbook in their lives. Like Mental Floss magazine, covers everything and anything you ever wanted — and didn’t think you ever wanted — to know. Has blogs, trivia, quizzes, amazing facts, etc. Warning: You will get addicted!

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