I originally recommended this program in 2011 and am including the original post below. I still use this program daily and highly recommend it!

REVIEW: I started using 1Password after the "great computer crash of '10. It's an easy-to-use program that stores not only your passwords, but identities, secure notes, and software info (licenses, confirmation emails, etc).

They offer a 30-day free trial and the program is very reasonably priced. (Prices vary based on the gadget / operating system you are using.)

They make a version for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

This program saves me so much time each day. No more searching for passwords, logins, or filling out online forms!

Browser tabs out of control?

Are your web browser tabs out of control? Mine were until I discovered OneTab, a web browser extension.

I always have multiple  tabs open in my browser and it gets a bit much at times (and on occasion I have accidentally closed them all – arggghhh). As soon as I heard about OneTab, I knew I had to try it. Here is the description from their website…

“Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.”

And yes, it is that simple! And best of all, if you accidentally close the window OneTab is in, you will NOT lose your list of tabs. (I have put this to the test many times.)

So how much is this nifty program and how do you get it?

Right now, there is no charge. Go to https://www.one-tab.com/ and scroll down to “How to Install OneTab,” click on the link and follow the directions to install it. They have two versions – one for Chrome and one for Firefox.

Note: it offers other features and they’re all listed on the One Tab site.

PDF Convertor

Pdf-converter-pro122x158 When I heard about this program, I thought it was too good to be true. Then I saw it in action. It really does convert your PDF files to Office, ePub, html, and text formatted documents. The most amazing thing to me is that it does keep the formatting -- event tables in Excel. You can also convert encrypted files!

I was pleasantly surprised by their price. It's very reasonable.

I haven't tried the Pro-Version which says it will convert scanned text to OCR also.''

The links below will take you directly to their site.

Help Mac users convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, Text, and HTML.

PDF Converter for Windows--One in hand, troubles end.

Note the links above are affiliate linksp>

Auto Remote Fix

Recently the remote for our van stopped working. I called around to find someone to fix it, only to be told that they can't be fixed, they have to be replaced. To say I was shocked at the price of a new one is putting it mildly. I resigned myself to a life of manually unlocking the doors (which is very inconvenient with power doors in a van).

After doing it a few times, I decided there HAD to be "Somewhere" I could get a reasonably priced so I headed over to my favorite discount place -- eBay. This is where I discovered Stu's EZ Auto Remotes in PA. I was hesitant because $20 to fix my remote sounded too good to be true. I looked around his listings and eBay rating and was slightly reassured. I took a deep breath and pressed the "buy it now" button. I shipped my remote via priority mail, insured, and signature confirmation (about an additional $7).

I have one word to say about the service I received WOW! Within a week, I had the remote back in my hot little hands and it worked! It's been two months and the remote is still working. I have no idea how they fixed it (and don't really care how) but they FIXED it for under $30 (including shipping). The lowest quote I had for a replacement was $180 plus $30 for programming.

You can reach Stu's EZ Auto Remotes by visiting their eBay site or by calling 215-295-7695.


If you aren't using DropBox to sync or share files, you should be. This file sharing/syncing solution is the best I've seen. The program and first 2 gb of storage are free. (You can earn extra storage when friends sign up using a special link.)

When you install the DropBox program on your computer, it places a "dropbox" folder on your hard drive (in location of your choice). To share a file, simply save or drag the file you want to share into the shared folder in your DropBox  folder. You can create sub-folders and specify who can access them.

Folders are accessible through your desktop, the internet, iPhone, iPad, and Android. They also have a mobile enabled site for other web enabled phones.

No more lengthy uploads for large files; just "drop" the file in your DropBox folder and it's  ready to use.

(Note, if you use the links in this post, both you and I will receive an extra 250 mb of space on DropBox for free!)



Take the Guesswork Out of Finding a Logo

Knight_sm Finding a logo has always been a slightly stressful proposition for me. I had to find a designer and then had to hope their vision for my logo matched mine. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I was skeptical but interested when I heard about a site where you could actually see multiple logos created for your business before selecting a designer.

At Logo Tournament, designers compete for your business. It's a pretty simple process. First you register and fill out an extensive set of questions and answers which help you to describe the type of logo you are seeking. Next you set the amount you're willing to pay for the logo (prices start at $250). Finally you sit back and wait for the logos to start rolling in.

I used this service recently with a client and it was great! We didn't get hundreds of entries but we did get a new logo at a reasonable price. Logo Tournament does guarantee a certain number of submission. If you don't get that amount, you can ask for a refund or extend your contest. (Details are on their web site.)

Manage Your Reward Cards

CardstarTired of carrying around a stack of reward cards? I have the solution for you -- that is if you're using a iPhone, iPodTouch, Android, or Blackberry. The free CardStar app allows you to store all of your reward card information in one handy place. It's simple to set up, I was able to enter my card information in a matter of minutes.

When you need to use the number, it's stored in both number and bar code format. Most stores are able to scan the bar code with a hand scanner. (According to the CardStar web site the program on the Blackberry only works with image scanning.)

CardStar is one of my favorite apps.

Remember the Milk!

Remember_sm For several month, I've been using Remember the Milk on my iPodTouch and computer desktop. It was the only "list creator" program that I could find that worked without an Internet connection. With the iPod Touch, I am not always connected to the Internet. I can read all of my messages and lists in RTM when I'm offline and strolling through the grocery.

No more losing the list on the way to the store or leaving it in the car. You can also set reminders and sync with your calendar. It was very easy to set up and start using. I was able to do it without consulting the user guides -- yahoo.

RTM works with a lot of products -- iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Google, gMail and a bunch more. There are several third party plugins to make "remembering" even easier (like adding tasks via Jott).

Now there's no excuse when I don't Remember the Milk.

PDF Pen (Mac)

Pdfpen I've been using PDFpen (by Smile On My Mac) for about a year and it has saved me so much time and frustration.

PDFpen allows you to edit PDF documents -- you can add text, images, and signatures. I've merged two PDF documents and deleted pages from others. This program is very easy to use -- I'm not big on reading manuals and was able to manage all of the basic features without accessing help. Since I'm not good at "signing" my name with the mouse, I've simply scanned my signature and am able to add it to the PDF document as an image.

Note: this software is only for the Mac.

Free Information Calls

Cellphone Don't you just hate not having a phone number when you need it? Even worse, how about paying for that Information call from your cell phone?

Here's the answer. For just a small earful of advertising (less than 30 seconds), you can get your phone numbers from a no-cost service at "Free 411."

Just dial 800-373-3411, listen to a short ad and give your request to the automated operator. Most times, they are successful in finding your number and, if they are not, at least you didn't pay any extra charges.

Resource provided by Katherine Rothgeb