Consumer Advice

I've found that the consumer advice that Clark Howard offers is excellent. There are a variety of ways to access his information -- through his popular radio show, HLN, and his web site. The web site is great for browsing -- one of my favorite area's to browse is the "RIp-off Alerts" section. The web site is easy to use and information is sorted by category. There is also a search function that works (I've visited a lot of sites where doing a search is not at all helpful).

Can't find the information you need. The Consumer Action Center allows you to Ask Team Clark your questions. This is a free service offered by Clark, his staff, and volunteers.

Travel Planning

Kayak Recently I started doing a lot of travel planning for my clients and they preferred to not use a travel agent (long story). I found it quite overwhelming until someone recommended the services of is a travel search engine -- not a travel store. Once you find the flight, hotel, car, etc. that you want, you click and link and go directly to the travel provider or travel agency web site.

What I *really* like about their search system is they have an option for "nearby airports" (I know, may others do also) but they make it possible to search several at a time. You can easily change your flight preferences via a menu on the left side of the search result page.

Post a comment and let us know about the travel planning tools that make your life easier!